GMO Foods

What is a GMO (genetically modified organism)? Although GMO and non GMO foods look the same and share the same nutritional value, it’s important to know that the DNA of the genetically modified food has been altered.

GMO foods are designed to protect the crop. They are modified in a way to include a built in pesticide that kills insects when they eat the crop. That pesticide used to be “Roundup.” However it was necessary to change to something stronger when the insects became resistant to it.

The big questions, are these crops safe for human consumption? And do you want to eat food laced with pesticides?

A disturbing bit of information, the FDA unleashed GMO foods on the public and did so without any labeling to inform consumers what it was that they were buying.  They have seen fit to do this even though there have been no human safety studies done.  The only studies have been animal studies, and these have revealed a plethora of adverse health problems.

Today many GMO foods are fed to human beings and livestock all over the world. The highest grown GMO food is soy. Around 93 percent of soybeans produced in 2010 were genetically modified.

GMO foods would not have caused controversies if not for their harmful effects. Many health risks of GMO food have been recorded. There is enough proof for this. They have to be banned. Governments all over the world have to act. Unfortunately some governments are reluctant to do so. We need to take good care of ourselves, by avoiding GM foods.

GMO foods are known to cause infertility. According to dozens of research studies conducted at different parts of the globe, GMO foods inhibit a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.
GMO foods may also cause reduction in sperm count. According to experts in the field at AAEM, there is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. People who regularly consume GMO foods are more likely to become ill.

GMO foods are associated with premature births, low birth weight babies and infant mortality. In a study conducted in the EU, rats that fed with GMO foods gave birth to babies that died within few weeks of their birth. This is indeed alarming. This human experiment on a global scale will doubtless prove to be the worst health and environmental mistake in the history of humanity.

It is advisable to make all efforts to avoid GMO foods. One effective way of doing so is to buy organic. If you are in the USA, check for a number on a little sticker on the package.

There have also been efforts made for Legislation to change the laws regarding food labeling, so all foods which contain GMO ingredients are also labeled. We need to know, then we have the power to choose.